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About Us

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Our company mainly produces various colors of pearl organza, snow organza, golden organza, rainbow organza, matte organza, wedding dress organza, glass organza and other series of products. Our products come in a complete range of specifications and are mainly used for various purposes such as curtains, wedding dresses, fashion, scarves, headwear, and craft decorations. Our factory is equipped with advanced equipment and a team of professional technicians with years of experience in the chemical fiber industry. We have strong product development capabilities and can quickly respond to customer needs.

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The factory adheres to the concept of using technology innovation for development, relying on a scientifically strict quality management system and high-tech production and testing equipment, ensuring product quality.

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Our products are ideal fabrics for modern curtains, wedding dresses, crafts, fashion and many other industries. We use 30D×30D nylon and polyester weaving, the fabric is light and breathable with bright colors and diverse styles.

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We can also provide various processing techniques such as embroidery, bronzing, flocking, foaming printing, and wrinkling. Our products are suitable for making various wedding dresses, craft clothing, toy accessories, curtain decorations and more.

Our Advantage

Our company produces and sells textiles with widths of 1.5 meters, 2.8 meters, and 3.1 meters. The specifications are 20, 25, 28, 35, 40 shuttles, with warp and weft of 30*30, 20*20, etc. Our product range includes matte organza, glass organza (also known as shiny organza, pearl organza), organdy, two-tone organza, snow organza, crystal organza, gold and silver wire striped organza and gold and silver wire lattice organza.

The primary applications of our yarn products are for packaging fresh flower gifts, organza rolls, organza bags and organza belts. As people become more environmentally conscious, we believe that more organza packaging will replace traditional packaging methods.Organza packaging looks more exquisite, premium, and environmentally friendly. We have provided such products for large brands like Procter & Gamble, receiving consistent praise from our clients. We believe that this beautiful and eco-friendly packaging will soon become the mainstream in the packaging industry, gaining the favor of both businesses and consumers.

Why Us

Jiaxing Shengrong Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Jiahu Plain, known as the "Home of Silk". It is also located in the central area of the Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou triangle economic zone. The advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation allow for a 10-minute drive to the China Eastern Silk Market.
We always adhere to the principle of "integrity first, quality first", providing you with the most competitive prices, high-quality products, reasonable production cycles, and attentive service.

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